Manuel top staplers fasten flaps of filled boxes

Model JK561 - 15MAN (Uses staples ½" - 5/8" - ¾" - 7/8")
Model 180046 uses 5/8" staples only

Pneumatic top stapler with staples in rolls

Model PA542 (D60ADC)

Air plier stapler heavy duty

Model HK20777

Plier stapler industrial

Model PA459

Hammer tacker heavy duty

Model PB311

Staple gun tacker (wire & cable)

Model PB315


Pneumatic top staplers

Model JK56115PN

Stapler for bottom stapling

Model JKF561 Manual foot stapler
Model JKF561PN pneumatic foot stapler

Hand tacker

Model JKT694
Model PA457 (P50-10B)

Plier-type staplers

Model PB323
Model PB324

Gun tackers

Model PB300
Model PB301
Model PB302
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