Choice of 30 ft. or 36 ft. long ramps. 36 foot ramp comes with 6 foot level-off section.

Open serrated traction grating available in black, primed steel, galvanized steel or aluminum.

Standard equipment includes:

hand-operated hydraulic pump to raise and lower the ramp lip through a height of 38" to 62", full 16" lip.; 2 safety anchor chains and 2 load binders to secure ramp to carrier or dock; 4 1/2" high safety curbs; pneumatic tires; swivel clamp to handle with fork lift truck; hydraulic system with bleed valve and overload bypass.

Available from 11,000 lbx. to 25,000 lbs.

For Aluminum Dockplates, click here.

For Aluminum Dockboards, click here.

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